Could your business cope without an Internet connection?

Don't wait until it's too late to answer that question - we can help you plan to keep your business running.

Most businesses rely on the Internet for daily working practices and email access. Inevitably, there are sometimes problems with broadband services and sometimes entire lines go down, leaving you to wait for BT to fix the problem.

We have a number of disaster recovery and business continuation services designed to help negate any problems due to phone line or broadband problems.

To minimise downtime we can provide you with a dedicated backup router, configured and ready to use when you need it. We can also install backup lines and provide additional broadband to make sure your business receives high availability and is resilient to problems caused by broadband providers.

Emergency 3G/4G solution to hire

If the worst happens and you lose your phone lines altogether, our 3G/4G wireless routers, equipped with mobile data, can keep your business running smoothly while BT repair the lines.

With System 3 you can hire a business grade 3G/4G router, configured and installed for you to use in an emergency. You can either use your own mobile SIM, if you have one, or use one of our pay-as-you-go SIMs to gain reliable Internet access while the line is being fixed or re-provisioned.

Looking to plan ahead for connectivity issues? Speak to us on 01553 636444 and we will help advise a solution for your requirements.

Are your lines down or are you experiencing broadband problems at the moment? Call us now and we will try to get you back up and running as soon as possible!

System 3 - providing business broadband / phone line backup and business continuity solutions throughout Norfolk.