Computer Network Support & Maintenance

Computers go wrong. It's a fact of life that whatever system you use, at some point (usually when you least expect it) an error will occur or the system will decide that it doesn't want to work any more. Whether it's a small problem or a mission critical 'show-stopper', you need to be reassured that reliable and responsive support is available when and where you need it.

With many years experience providing IT solutions to a large number and wide range of customers, we have a broad range of skills and knowledge about how different IT systems work, their capabilities and limits, and quirks and bugs in certain specific situations. We have a varied understanding of both hardware and software use and how they react together, so we can provide your company with first-class technical support.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner our IT support teams are given access to resources that some other IT companies aren't, they receive regular training and they have backup directly from Microsoft. All these things allow us to pass on the latest and most thorough knowledge of the systems that you rely on to run your business. In short, you will not get ANY better support that that provided by a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner!

Custom IT Support Solutions

We aim to understand not only how your computer systems are set up but also how your particular business operates day-to-day so we know exactly what is needed to support you, making sure problems and 'down-time' are minimised, and benefits and 'up-time' are maximised.

We offer different combinations of IT support depending on your requirements:

• Telephone Support Helpdesk
To assist with technical and operational queries we have a telephone support helpdesk, manned by dedicated a team. This acts as first-line support for your company with specialist backup from the appropriate support team members.

• Remote Support, VPN & Remote Control
For speed and ease to the solution of many 'minor' issues, we provide remote support which allows our teams to dial-in to your system, diagnose the support issue and even alter settings and configurations, or transfer files. The integrity of your system is ensured at all times with security measures put in place to make sure that only authorised people have access.

We also use the leading remote control solutions that allow our technicians to literally view your screen over an Internet connection, control an individual computer's mouse cursor and operate it as if sitting directly in front of the computer. Remote support and remote control can significantly reduce the time taken to solve a support issue and provide a very cost-effective service for our customers.

• Online Web-based Support
For fast access to common IT support issues or to quickly log a non-urgent support issue our customers have access to our online support centre. This contains a summary of our most common support issues and responses, and our online support ticketing system.

• On-site Support
For more serious computer, network or IT infrastructure issues, you may need a IT specialist on-site to solve the query. All our IT engineers and IT consultants have direct communications with our customers via mobile phone and e-mail, and with our offices based in East Anglia, they can be in almost any part of the UK within a few hours.

System 3 Business IT Solutions support will provide you with reassurance that should a problem occur with your system, from a 'minor' issue to a mission critical breakdown, practical advice and physical backup is always available, when you need it most.

Our support offices are located in King's Lynn, Norfolk. We support clients nationally as well as local Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Lincolnshire companies. If your company needs computer network support or maintenance, contact us to find out why we are considered East Anglia's leading business IT solutions provider on 01553 636444.